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Bedford Who Charity Con 3

Saturday 8th April 2017

10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

The Quarry Theatre, St Peter's Street, Bedford MK40 2NN

Tickets are now available: please scroll down for details

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CONTACT: info@bedfordwhocharitycon.co.uk


We're delighted to announce our first two guests for the convention:

PETER PURVES (Steven Taylor) and ANNEKE WILLS (Polly)

More guests will be announced soon. Keep an eye on this website and on our Facebook page for details.


Audience feedback on Bedford Who Charity Cons 1 and 2:


"One of the best events I've been to: warm and relaxed atmosphere, amazing guests and fascinating panels"

"Let me congratulate you on organising such a great convention! I've been to lots of these things over the years, but this was the best run and the most fun day I've had in a long time!

"The guests were a delight; with time to spend talking to people; the entertainment was inspired and the personal touch from the organisers made it what it's supposed to be about."



Once we have paid our costs, everything we make from the convention will be donated to Bedford Foodbank. Each month, they provide emergency food for more than 500 children and adults in crisis in the local area.


What kind of convention will it be?


A number of events these days are primarily commercial affairs; they're designed for people to buy merchandise from stallholders, and to buy autographs and photos. Nothing wrong with that, but Bedford Who Charity Con 3 is rather different: we'll be presenting a more traditional style of convention. The day will be a mixture of interviews on stage, signing sessions, the opportunity to chat to the guests and to have your photo taken with them. The emphasis is on giving you a fun, relaxed and informal day that you'll really enjoy -- and to raise money for charity.

Bedford Who Charity Con 2 raised a fantastic £2592 for Bedford Foodbank. Thanks to all who came!



















Anneke played Polly opposite both William Hartnell

and Patrick Troughton. She first appeared in The War

Machines in 1966, met the Cybermen (and famously

melted their chest units with nail varnish remover),

was present at the Doctor's first regeneration, and

witnessed The Power of the Daleks -- a story newly

recreated using animation for DVD in 2016.


Anneke's a hugely popular convention guest, and we're

looking forward to welcoming her back for Bedford Who

Charity Con 3.


Various surnames have been suggested for Polly over the

years, including Lopez and Wright, but none of these have stuck. As Anneke says, Polly is just Polly. The companion with no surname has been re-created by Anneke for Big Finish; Anneke too has narrated a number of the missing episodes CDs and she's the reader for several of the Target audiobooks -- Doctor Who and the Cybermen is one of the best of all of these. Her critically acclaimed two volume autobiography, Self Portrait and Naked, is still available.


Bedford Who Charity Con 3...

Will it be any good?!

Well, this is what people said about the last two...


  • Make sure you go -- it's a great, fun, small and intimate convention - kasterborous.com


  • Was a fabulous con! Relaxed and fun! Hope you raised lots of money and can do another one.


  • Another amazing day. Thank you! And see you at the next one!


  • A great day. My first involving getting autographs and talking to the guests rather than staring at them from afar and pointing and giggling! Well organised show!


  • It was our first convention. We all had a great day.
  • It was brilliant!
  • Excellent. Very friendly!
  • Nice relaxed atmosphere.
  • A very successful day; thank you for organising it!
  • I enjoyed everything, especially meeting Nicola, Sophie, Anneke and the others...


  • What really struck me was how infoirmal the whole thing was, and how down to earth the guests were. Lovely people, a great day...


  • Mike Tucker: A huge thank you to Simon Danes and his team at Bedford Who Charity Con. A lovely, informal event, with great questions from a really interested and interesting audience.


  • Sophie Aldred: Truly lovely day. Thanks to all who came and all who worked so hard to create a great atmosphere.


  • Anneke Wills: A delightful day in Bedford. It restored my faith in family Doctor Who gatherings. A highlight for me was Ailsa Berk choreographing the crowd in Cybermen, scarecrow and Ood movements. Everyone was brilliant at it! Mike Tucker's panel was fascinating. Thank you to all who came along for making it such a fun day. Love, Anneke.



Tickets for the event are strictly limited. Our new venue, The Quarry Theatre, is smaller and more intimate than the previous location. Don't miss out: book early!

Tickets for Bedford Who Charity Con 3 are available from

The Box Office

The Quarry Theatre

St Peter's Street


Please go to http://www.quarrytheatre.org.uk/shows/bedford-charity-con-3


  • Adults: £42.50
  • 14-18 year olds: £22.50
  • Under 14s: £15
  • Family tickets:

Children must be aged under 14, please.

Bona fide family parties only.

  • 1 adult and 1 child: £50
  • 1 adult and 2 children: £55
  • 2 adults and 1 child: £80
  • Addition children under 14: £8 each.

Please note that children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


Guests may have to cancel if they're called away for filming or if they're ill. This is a standard note for Doctor Who conventions. Please only book on this understanding.



The Tobias Vaughan Philanthropic Foundation runs Doctor Who events in Bedford for the delectation of Doctor Who fans, and to raise money for Bedford Foodbank.

Inspired by the spirit of Tobias Vaughn, the Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of mankind.





Bedford Who Charity Con 3 is an independent Doctor Who convention run by and for fans of Doctor Who; it is not endorsed by the BBC. Doctor Who is copyright to the BBC and characters and aliens are copyright to their respective writers.

PETER PURVES (Steven Taylor)

Peter Purves starred as Steven Taylor opposite William Hartnell's Doctor, from 1965 to 1966. Steven's first story was also the Daleks' third: in The Chase, Peter also appeared for a single episode as Morton Dill, the hillbilly tourist who met the trundling nasties at the top of the Empire State Building. Steven's fellow companions were Vicki, Sara Kingdom and Dodo. He left the Doctor to become the leader of the combined society of the Savages and the Elders (The Savages, 1966).


Peter's more recent involvement in Doctor Who includes reprising the role of Steven for Big Finish. He's supplied the narration for the missing episodes CDs of a number of stories, including The Massacre -- one of the best of all the Hartnells and a story from which the Doctor is largely absent, giving Steven the starring role. He's also the reader on a number of superb audiobooks of the Target novels, including The Daleks' Master Plan and The Time Meddler.


The patron of a number of charities, Peter's 2009 autobiography, Here's One I Wrote Earlier, is currently available from Amazon.